Elevate Your Pool Ownership Experience with Our Premier Pool Service Company.

Aloha Pool & Spa Service is dedicated to meeting the needs of inground pool and spa owners in Central New Jersey.


Aloha Pool & Spa Service ensures flawless pool openings with meticulous care. Beyond mere functionality, our goal is to offer peace of mind, turning your pool into a worry-free oasis. Choose us for an unforgettable summer—dive in, and let the swimming season commence!

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Aloha Pool & Spa Service goes beyond basics in our Pool Closing Services, safeguarding your investment with thorough measures. Trust us for a reliable and comprehensive closing experience, ensuring your pool's long-term health and readiness for the next swimming season.

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Unlock a perfect summer with our opening + closing combo special! Book your pool opening now for confident dives and fun with Aloha. Trust our tailored closing options for precise winterization, ensuring year-round pristine conditions hassle-free.

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Our expertise lies in tailoring a cleaning program to your specific preferences. Whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings, our services cater to your schedule and lifestyle. Contact us, and let's create a customized plan that perfectly suits your pool's needs!

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Ensure your pool's winter safety with our variety of covers. With 24 years of expertise, ALOHA Company guarantees precise measurements and installations for a carefree winter.

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Elevate your pool experience with Aloha Pool & Spa Service, Central NJ's premier pool company. Our comprehensive weekly programs cover everything from openings to repairs, ensuring stress-free ownership.
At Aloha Pool & Spa Service, we believe in providing a seamless experience for pool and spa owners, allowing you to savor your aquatic retreat effortlessly. Contact us today to transform your pool ownership into a worry-free and enjoyable escape.